How can you become a teacher in Austria?

How can you become a teacher in Austria?

Teachers are trained in Austria at teacher training colleges, universities and private colleges. If you want to teach at primary level, you have to attend a teacher training college. If you want to teach as a teacher in secondary school, you can go to universities or teacher training colleges.

How do you become a teacher as a career changer?

Side entrants have neither legal clerkship nor teacher training. The classic teacher training leads to a teacher training course and the first state exam, through a traineeship to the second state exam. Even as a career changer, you can become a civil servant after passing the second state examination.

What does a teacher career changer earn?

Salary differences exist mainly between salaried and civil servant teachers. For example, a newly hired 30-year-old teacher with an engineering qualification receives an initial salary of around EUR 3,250 gross per month; as an employee his salary would be a maximum of EUR 3,000.

Can you become a vocational school teacher without a degree?

You can also become a vocational school teacher without studying. For this you need a master’s degree and then a one-year part-time, scientific training in the department. In addition, you must then complete a preparatory service.

How can I become a vocational school teacher as a career changer?

The most important prerequisites for lateral entry as a vocational school teacher: a completed university degree of at least eight semesters standard period of study. Your studies must be directly related to the advertised subject.

What do I need to become a vocational school teacher?

Most vocational school teachers start with a degree in teaching at vocational schools or corresponding courses to become a commercial teacher or vocational educator. However, people with a specialist degree, such as engineering, often have good chances of finding a job at a vocational school.

Can you become a vocational school teacher with a degree in education?

All prospective teachers study pedagogy, but not all educators become teachers. Accordingly, pedagogues work in all educational institutions, from day-care centers to in-company further training, and they are also deployed in youth centers, dormitories or advice centers.

What can you become after studying education?

As an expert in upbringing, education and didactics, you can be deployed in a variety of ways after your pedagogical studies…. Which professional fields are possible for me after my studies? Child and youth welfare.

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