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How can you design an indoor garden yourself?

Indoor gardens are in! Yes, they are very trendy, are in demand and enchant us with a lot of charm and freshness! But how could you create an indoor garden at home?

A lote house residents would be happy to have a lot of green in their own four walls. Yes, but not everyone has a green thumb and therefore not everyone succeeds in caring for green houseplants at home. For this reason, today we are trying to give you new ideas and practical tips on how you can design an indoor garden yourself, quite easily and without problems. After reading this useful information, you no longer have to doubt whether you are watering your houseplants too often or too much, or whether or not they are getting enough sunlight. First you need to have more patience, teach yourself persistence and learn to discover beauty even in small things. This is the key to successful and happy living and part of it is undoubtedly your indoor garden. Because the green plants bring a strong dose of freshness and variety into the interior, clean the room climate and allow us to live in harmony with ourselves and the environment. Many houseplants can even help us to reduce everyday stress more easily and effectively. If you want to find out more about houseplants, please click here!

Green houseplants have their wWell-deserved space in every room, but especially in the living room, an indoor garden is a must for many house owners. You don’t want to do without the freshness of the green houseplants, do you? You can also create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in your interior with little effort.

square living room design

If you don’t have a lot of free space, at least arrange a green corner in the living room and admire the beautiful sight!


On open shelves, the plants always look great eye-catchers and attract everyone’s attention

A bar cart can also provide enough space for your green houseplants

A bar cart can also provide enough space for your green houseplants


Put on beautiful pots and flower pots and you create a modern and stylish ambience

indoor flower

Find out in advance about the care and growing conditions of each indoor flower

You don’t always have to buy new garlic, coriander or spring onions, basil and parsley. Arrange a small one in your kitchen Herb corner or place beautiful ceramic pots with planted herbs directly on the window sill and you will always have fresh herbs for your dishes, and at your fingertips! The herbs can thrive there all year round, so you don’t have to go without them in the cold months either. And don’t forget: all houseplants, including edible herbs, need enough light and warmth. And water of course! When these conditions are met, they will do really well, even at home! And you would only benefit from it!

  • An indoor garden in the Bathroom? Yes, it is also fine!

A minimalist one, a room filled with indirect light, such as the bathroom, is the ideal place for an indoor garden. There are no limits to your design options! All you have to do is think creatively and act bravely. The perfect choice of plants for the bathroom would be succulents and cacti, because they can also thrive in a wet room climate. These green bathroom roommates are totally easy to care for, they’ll forgive you if you forget to water it from time to time. Group a few brightly colored pots of cacti and succulents together in a corner in the bathroom and enjoy this arrangement. Try to match the pots depending on the color and style and you can be sure of your success! Your little green corner in the bathroom immediately turns into a real eye-catcher and guarantees you a good mood when showering every morning. If you want to feel like you are in the tropical jungle, we would recommend one there too vertical garden to design or at least a green wall!

But don’t forget to open a window at least once a day so that fresh air can flow into the bathroom. This is the only way your succulents can dry out a little between watering phases. And that is definitely good for you!


Place cacti, succulents and tropical plants together in one place in the bathroom


Green plants provide additional freshness in the bathroom


Arrange different plants, mainly cacti and succulents and you get this wonderful look

indoor garden bathroom decor ideas

Who said that an indoor garden couldn’t be in the bathroom?


Green plants transform your bathroom into a real oasis of wellbeing

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