How can you evaluate expert interviews?

How can you evaluate expert interviews?

An expert interview can be evaluated using a qualitative content analysis. For this, the conversation must first be available in a form in which you can continue working. Usually interviews are transcribed, but this takes a lot of time.

How do you evaluate a qualitative interview?

There are 4 steps to evaluate a qualitative interview. Evaluate qualitative interview: conduct interview. Transcribe the interview …. These include: unstructured interview, semi-structured interview, guideline interview, narrative interview, problem-centered interview, group discussion.

What are qualitative and quantitative research methods?

Qualitative research is about examining individual cases in detail and evaluating them interpretively. Open questions are often dealt with here. Quantitative research, on the other hand, aims to collect as many results as possible in order to evaluate them statistically.

What does personnel development include?

Personnel development (PE) comprises all measures for the promotion, qualification and further training of employees, managers and junior managers. It is a sub-area of ​​human resources.

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