How can you have a discussion?

How can you have a discussion?

Lead a discussion – the best tips This includes a clearly defined position of your own, but also the consideration of other perspectives. During the discussion, you should explain your own point of view and explain it well. Jumps between topics are counterproductive.

How do you argue?

You already know how an entire opinion is structured. Each individual argument must also be structured according to certain rules. It works like this: An argument usually consists of three parts: claim, reason and example. In the end there can also be a conclusion.

Why should one be able to argue well?

Arguing is important, whether verbally or in writing. Because arguing always means convincing your counterpart that your own view is meaningful and plausible. So one gives both arguments and evidence for a thesis as well as against it.

What are strong arguments?

Strong arguments don’t need to be wrapped up. You are strong on your own. The logically based arguments are strongest. Moral arguments are mostly rather weak and interpretable.

What does it mean to argue?

Arguing is the purposeful and well thought-out compilation of arguments (statements that substantiate a thesis). In doing so, it is necessary to mention and refute counter-arguments in your own argumentation.

What is a good reason?

Every speaker should start their argument with a clear statement. A reason is good if the speaker manages to substantiate his claim with a chain of arguments. This chain of arguments consists of statements that are logically built on one another, all of which support the assertion.

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