How can you improve the performance of the satellite system?

How can you improve the performance of the satellite system?

Improving satellite reception Reinforcing the satellite signal If longer cable runs cannot be avoided, an intermediate amplifier can help. It requires its own power connection and forwards the received signal in an amplified manner. However, it cannot replace lost image information.

What is disturbing the satellite reception?

This is usually due to severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, heavy snowfall or dark storm clouds. The smaller the bowl and the worse it is aligned, the earlier and more often such disturbances will occur.

Does Astra have problems?

In this case, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. In addition, the signal from the Astra satellite may be disturbed. Here, however, it often only takes a few hours before the problem is over. To avoid further interference with reception, you should check the cables and especially the satellite dish regularly.

What to do if the SAT reception is poor

If there is really an obstacle in the way, it helps either to move the bowl or to remove or prune the plants properly. However, pruning is only temporary and the problem could recur after a few years.

Why no SAT reception?

Satellite receiver does not receive a signal – possible causes If your satellite receiver no longer receives a signal, a storm is often the cause. If the storm is moving away, but your receiver is still not receiving a signal, it is possible that the satellite dish has shifted a few centimeters.

What does LNB overload mean?

If you see the error message “LNB overload” on your television and you are no longer receiving any channels, you have a problem with the satellite connection. The receiving unit LNB could either be defective or the cable is broken. By replacing the defective part, everything will work as usual again.

What does tuner overload mean?

The error message “Tuner overloaded” means, according to the hotline, too high an output power from the multiswitch.

What does short circuit on the LNB Ant mean?

If you fit a satellite cable with the LNB connector, isolated fine wires can easily get into the socket. If these come into contact with the copper wire, a short circuit occurs in the cable. If there was a short circuit in the satellite cable, it will help to cut off the ends of the cable.

Which LNB frequency?

The LNB converts the satellite signal by mixing it with a local oscillator frequency (LOF) to a frequency range of 950 – 2150 MHz. The satellite signal can be transmitted over a well-shielded broadband coaxial cable. In the low band, the LOF is 9,750 Mhz.

Which transponder on Astra 19 2?

Transponder list Astra 19.2 ° East position. updated on. number of TPs. Name of satellite. 30.0 W. 11:12. 38 TP’s. 12.5 W. 16:03. 2 TP’s. 5.0 W. 14:38. 11 TP’s. 4.0 W. 14:38. 16 TP’s. 0.8 W. 13:19. 73 TP’s. 4.8 E. 13:49. 40 TP’s. 7.0 E. 13:56. 27 TP’s.

Which LNB frequency for German channels?

All Astra 19.2 ° East transmitters on frequency 12188 MHz.

Which LNB do you need for Astra and Hotbird?

Astra and Hotbird receive at the same time You set up a conventional satellite system with two LNBs. One of them then receives the Astra signal and the other Hotbird. You buy a monoblock LNB that receives both satellite positions ex works. You use a flat satellite antenna for Astra and Hotbird.

How can I set up Hotbird?

So that you can receive Hotbird TV channels via satellite, aim your dish at 13 degrees. With the help of a SAT finder or a self-aligning satellite dish, you can find the right point quickly and easily.

Which LNB frequency for Hotbird?

If you want to see Hotbird, the lowest frequency (10719) must be set. Then on 27500 and vertically. The search finds over 500 programs at the 13 degree position.

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