How can you make the header different on each page?

How can you make the header different on each page?

Select a header that you want to separate from the previous one. You can edit the header by double-clicking it. Above the header you will find the item “Link to previous” under the menu section “Navigation”. Click to separate the headers.

How do I get a logo in the header?

Select Insert> Header or Footer> Blank (or a Simple Template). Double-click in the header or footer area [Text eingeben]. Select picture, then choose a picture on your computer.

How can I fix the heading in Excel?

You can access this function by opening the relevant file in Excel. Then select the View tab and click the Freeze Window button in the Window group. A pull-down menu opens in which you select the entry Fix top line.

Where can I find the header and footer?

On the Layout tab, under View, click Page Layout. On the Layout tab, under Page Setup, click Header & Footer.

Where can I find the footnote in Word?

Insert footnotes and endnotes Click where you want to reference the footnote or endnote. On the References tab, in the Insert Footnote group, click Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote. Enter the footnote or endnote you want.

Where can I find footnote in Word 2010?

Click the References tab at the top. The “Insert footnote” icon is now available in the task bar. Click on it. Alternatively, you can add a footnote with the keyboard shortcut [Strg] + [Alt] + [F] insert into your document.

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