How can you write a good text?

How can you write a good text?

Five golden rules for good textsFirst rule: break up texts with paragraphs and create info boxes. Rule #1: Paragraphs. Second rule: address the reader! Rule #2: Interest. Third rule: Use clear, lively language. Rule #3: Nesting Sets. Fourth rule: avoid foreign words. Rule #4: Anglicisms.

Which words should you avoid?

We’ll show you which ones.Communication training: Avoid these 15 language sins. 1 No more “hanging”. 2 Don’t blame others. Eliminate 3 “Actually”. 4 Delete “dignity”. 5 “Believing” is not knowing. 6 Bye bye baby! 7 “Let’s see”

What can you write instead of We?

Replace “we” with “you” In the letter, however, we want to give our customers the feeling that they are being addressed individually and personally. We achieve this by replacing the impersonal WE with you. We often have to rephrase the sentence to do this.

What makes text understandable?

The four most important factors for understandable texts Simplicity – saying things simply instead of complicated. Structure and order – One thought per sentence. Brevity and conciseness – leave out gibberish, better short sentences, better short words. Stimulating additions – Despite its brevity, the speech melody and variety …

What is formulated?

〈V.〉 express, formulate, put into words, articulate, communicate, give expression to, utter, designate, pronounce, say, utter, express…

What is your style?

You want to address your recipient with your text. You want him to read your message with interest, and you may want to get him to take action.

What sentence beginnings can you use to avoid repetition?

the personal pronoun (he/she/it) of the person or object to be described. Also use the possessive pronoun (his/her) to avoid frequent repetition of the proper noun. Start some sentences with a verb. This will make writing easier for you.

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