How Did Bootie Barker Get His Nickname

Robert “Bootie” Barker is a racing juggernaut. As Chris Berman would say: It is impossible to contain him. He has a long, successful racing career. Barker graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., in 1996, and went on to work for Ashton Lewis’ late model team. After graduating, he became a specialist in motorsports.

Born in Halifax, Virginia, Robert A. “Bootie” Barker III was a linebacker during his childhood. He grew up with a football stick, and his favorite pastime was the sport. The actor had no siblings, but during high school, he met a tragic accident, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. From then on, his family nicknamed him Bootie.

Aside from being a crew chief, Barker also worked for Hendrick Motorsports, Bill Davis Racing, and Ashton Lewis. After his college career, he became a crew chief and co-host of NASCAR Performance. His name is synonymous with auto racing so it’s no surprise that he has an uncanny ability of catching a car and driving it to victory.

Bootie Barker is a well-known actor and television host. He has also appeared in many movies, as well as hosting FoxSports 1’s popular show. Donna Peele, his wife, is also a well-known model. The couple has two children together. Although he’s currently confined to a wheelchair, he is also married. While his personal life is somewhat private, his career is well documented, as his fame has spread throughout the motorsports world.

Michael Waltrip is a well-known NASCAR driver and also a music lover and fan. He also has a surprising high net worth. The two have been together for the past few years and hope to make beautiful music together on the track in the future. If this is true, it’s a sign that the two of them are the perfect match! If you’re curious about Michael Waltrip and Bootie Barker’s net worth, keep reading!

After a stint as a crew chief for Sauter in 2007, Barker’s first Cup win as crew chief went well. His team finished 9th in the Subway Fresh Fit 500 and 5th in the Chevy Rock & Roll 400, and Barker and Sauter landed on the cover of ABC’s NASCAR in Primetime in August 2008. Michael Waltrip Racing announced in February 2008 that he would be his crew chief next year.

Barker is an engineer by trade, but his rise is unique. He has only two years of formal education and no racing experience. His rise has been extraordinary – he finished third in Busch Series points after just three years. Barker is currently the crew chief for the #77 Bill Davis Racing Team, but he has also been a part of the NASCAR broadcasts via Speed Channel.

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