How did you find out about the position?

How did you find out about the position?

How you became aware of the position or where you found the position belongs exclusively to the subject of the cover letter. The function of the subject is to briefly and concisely state the content of the letter so that the recipient can quickly assign the application to the subject.

What do I bring with me for the position?

Strengths in the application – these are most frequently mentioned: experience abroad, teamwork skills, motivation, resilience, sense of responsibility, quick apprehension, punctuality, flexibility.

How do you write a perfect cover letter?

Your application should definitely contain the following elements: Address field for the recipient. Address field for the sender with all contact details (telephone number, email address, address) Date. Subject. Salutation at the beginning (Dear Mr / Ms [Name],) Introduction, main part, conclusion.

What should you write in a cover letter?

Your cover letter should first and foremost include your full name, postal address, e-mail address and the telephone number at which you can be reached in the best possible way. Mistakes in this area are unforgivable!

How do you write to a headhunter?

Start the cover letter with a personal address, not with “Dear Sir or Madam”, but with “Dear Mr. Müller” or “Dear Ms. Schmitz”. Important: Address your application to the headhunter, not to the HR manager of the company you are interested in.

How do you write to recruiters?

We have put together the most important tips for sending an unsolicited email to a recruiter: Pay attention to the subject line. Do not send a separate cover letter. Don’t send bulk emails. Do you know your contact person. Be brief. Explain how you came across the recruiter.

What do you answer a headhunter?

With an answer like “I’m actually quite satisfied in my current position, but your offer makes me curious. “Keep the other side interested without committing yourself. Give the headhunter a brief overview of your specific area of ​​responsibility and your person.

How do you deal with headhunters?

Call from the headhunter: React correctly, stay cool. Just don’t get nervous and don’t brag. Act cautiously. No matter how flattered the call makes you, communicate carefully. Ask questions. Remain discreet. Smile a lot.

How can you get headhunters’ attention?

Ensure visibility for headhunters and HR consultants. To make headhunters aware of you, you should ensure that your profile is visible. This happens, for example, through the professional world, via social media and career portals such as absolventa, Monster or StepStone.

What to do if the headhunter calls?

First of all, take a deep breath when you call a headhunter and keep a cool head. Let the recruiter lead the conversation. After he has introduced himself and his concern, he will ask you if you would like to speak to him in more detail at another time.

What does a head hunter earn?

Your average starting salary as an employed personnel consultant starts at around € 37,500 gross per year. In addition, there is an average annual commission of € 4000. If you rise to become a manager, as a headhunter you will earn an average gross annual salary of € 78,000.

How much does a recruiter make?

If you work as a recruiter, you are expected to earn at least € 32,300 and, in the best case, € 46,000. The average salary is € 38,800.

How much do you earn as a personnel consultant?

On average, they can expect a starting salary of EUR 3,200 gross per month and more. Not yet included are annual bonuses that are also added. Here at the end of the year, another 4,000 euros gross will flow into the account.

What do you currently earn for an interview?

Can your new employer ask about your old salary? First of all: the answer to what you have previously earned has nothing to do with whether you are suitable for the new job. Therefore, this question is actually inadmissible in the interview.

How do you ask about the salary in the interview?

You do not talk about money? However, it is not advisable to ask about payment directly during the interview. Wait here until the person you are speaking to brings up the topic on their own – the salary is usually taken up as one of the last points.

What answer do you answer when asked about salary expectations?

Formulations for specific salary expectations Please formulate a short, meaningful sentence: “My salary expectations are 46,530 euros gross per year. ““ Based on my qualifications and knowledge, my salary expectation is 46,580 euros per year.

What is the best answer to the question of salary?

If, on the other hand, you decide in favor of the second case and answer the question about salary honestly, you will also focus on the job instead of the money. Your answer could therefore be: In my previous job, my earnings were 40,000 euros.

How do you formulate salary expectations?

If you prefer clear announcements, then write, for example: My salary expectations are 52,000 euros per year. An annual gross salary of 36,500 euros corresponds to my expectations. Based on my qualifications, I consider an annual salary of 55,000 euros to be appropriate.

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