How do I add an image to Pages?

How do I add an image to Pages?

Add a picture in Pages on MacDrag a picture from your computer or webpage onto a media placeholder or anywhere on the page.Click in the lower right corner of a media placeholder. Click in the toolbar. Click the image you want to replace and click the Image tab in the Format sidebar.

How can I insert a picture into an iPhone picture?

iPhone / iPad: Copy and paste pictures First find an image or photo that you want to copy. Then keep your finger pressed on the image until a “Copy” button appears. Now look for an application that allows you to insert pictures and photos. Further entries … •

Where is the list of figures inserted?

Where is the list of figures inserted in my bachelor thesis? As a rule, the list of figures comes directly after the table of contents or the bibliography.

When do I need a list of figures?

A corresponding directory only makes sense if there is a certain number of tables or figures. Every figure and every table definitely needs a signature or heading. Consecutive numbering is also important. It can then also be included in the list of figures or

How do you make a list of figures?

Click in the document where you want to insert the list of figures. This can be directly after the table of contents or after the bibliography. Select “References” in the menu at the top. Under “References” you can insert a “list of figures”.

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