How do I address a letter abroad?

How do I address a letter abroad?

Labeling letters abroad – this is how you address your mail correctly. For shipments abroad, no country abbreviations (e.g. F, NL) are placed in front of the place name or postcode! The name of the destination country is in capital letters in German, French or English in the last line below the location.

How much does a letter to America cost?

Price list letter / postcard internationalFormatsPrice in € WeightPostcard0.95 € Print stamp 3) Area weight 150 – 500 g / m2Standard 1.10 € Print stamp 3) Up to 20 gCompact 1.70 € Print stamp 3) up to 50 gLarge 3.70 € Print stamp 3) up to 500 g2

Can you send letters to the USA?

The transport capacities to the United States of America are currently significantly reduced, so that the dispatch of letters and parcels can only be maintained under special measures. For business customers / contract customers: DHL Paket International shipments can be sent until further notice.

What is allowed in a letter in the USA?

With BRIEF INTERNATIONAL you can send documents up to 2 kg. Documents are written, drawn, printed or digital messages and information, e.g. contracts, personal messages or invoices. The shipments may not contain any goods.

When is shipping to the USA possible again?

From September 15th, mail will be available to the USA again. From September 15, 2020, parcels and parcels can again be sent to the USA without the Premium service.

Can you send parcels to the USA?

Usually it is no problem if you want to send a parcel to America. Basically, however, you must ensure that the labeling is clearly legible and you must not exceed the maximum value for gifts so that your package arrives safely in the USA.

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