How do I answer the question about salary expectations?

How do I answer the question about salary expectations?

In accordance with my qualifications, I strive for remuneration appropriate to the position. I would be happy if you invite me to an interview. We can certainly talk about my salary expectations and come to an agreement.

What do you earn in the professions?

Salary according to occupation: This is how much Germans earn in their jobsProfessionMedian gross salary (median *) per monthPharmacist4,111 eurosArchitect3,748 eurosDoctor more than 5,400 eurosDoctoral assistants2,157 euros96 •

Which professions have the highest salary?

Salary: An overview of the best-paid professions (without personnel responsibility).

Where do I earn the most?

Doctors, financial experts, and lawyers are the best-paid professions. In the industry ranking, banks, the pharmaceutical and automotive industries are ahead in terms of remuneration, according to the Stepstone Salary Report 2020.

How do you earn 10,000 euros a month?

A risk manager earns 10,682 euros per month. A management consultant receives an average of 10,814 euros per month. The average salary of a managing director is 13,027 euros. As corporate finance, you receive 14,175 euros per month.

What is a good income?

In whole numbers: In 2014, the average German employee earned 1,756 euros net per month. Only five percent of employees earn more than 5,000 euros gross, i.e. around 3,000 euros net, which in relation to this can be considered good.

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