How do I apply for a € 450 job?

How do I apply for a € 450 job?

Checklist: What belongs in a cover letter? Sender (name, address, telephone number (also mobile), e-mail address) Date (right) Recipient (company, first and last name of the addressee, address) No application photo (belongs in the résumé ) Subject (for example: Application as a temporary worker) Further entries …

Which application documents for mini job?

The application documents for the mini job usually include a cover letter and a résumé… .4. Application for your mini job What you need to consider Cover sheet, cover letter, letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, appendix (references, certificates)

What do I need for an application?

An application consists of the cover sheet (not compulsory) Application photo (current and from the photographer) Third page (not compulsory) Attachment list. Add copies of certificates of the degrees achieved (e.g. certificates for further training, qualifications, if necessary and only if requested!

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