How do I apply for a law degree?

How do I apply for a law degree?

The process of applying for a law degree The application itself is usually made both via the Internet and by post. On the websites of the universities you can apply online during certain application periods (usually between June and August) using a form provided for this purpose.

How do I enroll at the university?

How do I enroll at the university?The original high school diploma or a certified copy.The notification of admission if the course has an NC.Your identity card.A certificate from the health insurance company.A completed application for enrollment.

How do you apply to study in Germany?

Since there is still no central allocation of study places in Germany, the application is made directly to the respective university. This can be confusing as there are very different application procedures depending on the course and university.

When is the best time to apply for a degree?

As a rule, the application process for new high school graduates runs from April 15 to July 15 for a winter semester and from October 15 to January 15 for a summer semester.

Until when can I apply for unrestricted admission courses?

If you enroll (admission-free degree programs) or apply (admission-restricted degree programs) in a higher semester, your previous academic achievements must be recognised. The recognition must be received by July 15 for the respective winter semester and by August 15 for the respective winter semester.

How do you apply for a degree?

For degree programs with admission restrictions, you must apply for a place at the university, either directly at the university or via – i.e. via the website of the Foundation for University Admissions (SfH). This depends on the respective degree program and the requirements of the university.

Can I apply to different universities?

Each semester after the Abitur in which you did not study counts as a waiting period. Incidentally, you can also apply to several universities at the same time or for several courses at the same university. Places that are not accepted will be allocated to remaining applicants.

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