How do I apply for a study place? How do I apply for a study place?

How do I apply for a study place?

As a rule, the following documents are required: Proof of higher education entrance qualification (e.g. certified Abitur certificate) Proof of health insurance, Personal ID, Proof of internships / proficiency tests or similar (depending on the course) Admission letter.

What documents do you need for Uni Assist?

Usually these are other documents such as internship certificates, curriculum vitae, letters of motivation and letters of recommendation. Does the university of your choice allow a pure online application? Then upload your educational certificates, your language certificates and their translations online via My assist.

When to apply for studies in 2020?

The following applies for the 2020/2021 winter semester: Applications for subjects with limited study places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for admission-free courses are possible from mid-August to mid-October (depending on the university).

How do I start with a letter of motivation?

Letter of motivation structure. Formally, the letter of motivation, like the cover letter in the application, contains a letterhead (name, address, e-mail and telephone number), date (right-justified), heading, introduction, main part, conclusion, greeting and signature.

What goes into a letter of motivation?

The following content should not be missing in your letter of motivation: Technical competencies (hard skills) Personal strengths (soft skills) Identification with the potential employer, professional and private goals, relevant experience and skills, social commitment.

What should a good letter of motivation look like?

The letter of motivation should be clearly different from the cover letter. It should not exceed one A4 page. The design is adapted to the rest of the documents. A common thread and good examples and arguments are important. The letter of motivation is individual and personal.

How long should a letter of motivation be?

Ideally, it underlines the application documents such as subtle make-up or a tie that goes with a suit. The letter of motivation should be a maximum of one A4 page long, clearly laid out, with the date, recipient and sender address.

Is a cover letter the same as a cover letter?

The letter of motivation corresponds in principle to the cover letter for an application. The intention is similar, but in the letter of motivation the focus is even more on personal motivation and the goals that are being pursued.

How long should a letter of motivation for the university be?

How long a letter of motivation should be for your studies depends on the requirements of the university to which you want to apply. A typical letter of motivation for studying is usually between 250 and a maximum of 750 words.

What is my motivation for studying?

The main part of your letter of motivation for your studies should deal with the following main topics: Your personal motivation / your interest in the degree program. Your reasons for applying to this exact university. Your professional and personal qualifications.

When is a letter of motivation worthwhile?

A letter of motivation is expressly required in the advertisement for the position, study place or internship. If you omit it, you don’t even need to send the application.

How important is a letter of motivation?

When applying as a manager or scientist, on the other hand, it certainly makes sense to explain in a letter of motivation why you are suitable, what expertise you bring with you and why you are applying for a position.

Why do I want to become an educator letter of motivation?

Your motivation to take up the profession. Your motivation to inherit in this institution. Your special qualifications, interests and attitudes to educational issues. Your interest in the facility, its concept and / or the carrier.

How many words should a cover letter have?

In too many exams we had the goal of reaching a certain number of words or pages. This minimum thinking is completely out of place here: Recruiters have enough to do and certainly do not feel like working overtime for dissolute cover letters. 250 to 300 words are more than enough.

Why do you want to come to us?

With the question “Why are you applying to us? “Get in touch with you as an applicant and find out whether you have dealt sufficiently with the company and the advertised position. Your personal reasons for applying are also of particular interest.

What are your expectations of us?

A good working atmosphere and flexible working hours are the most important expectations that German applicants have of their new job. Only some distance behind in third and fourth place are opportunities for promotion (37 percent) and above-average pay (34 percent).

Why did you apply to us?

Identification with the products, professional reorientation, financial worries, unemployment, lack of alternatives – there are a lot of reasons to apply for a job.

Why should we hire you answer?

For example, “I am the right employee for you because I am very familiar with the requirements of online marketing.” Or “You should hire me because I am a real team player. “Or” Because my English skills go well with the position in product management.

Why does our company respond to application?

Your answer shows how much your skills and experiences match your future role and your desire for job satisfaction. Think for a moment from the company’s point of view: You want to hire someone who offers the company added value.

Why are you particularly suitable for this position?

“I am suitable for the position because I am resilient / able to work in a team / excellently trained.” “I know the industry well and that’s why you’re looking for me.” “My language skills go well with the international nature of the position.”

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