How Do I Beat Level 140 In Candy Crush

How Do I Beat Level 140 in Candy Crush?

You’re here to learn how to beat Candy Crush level 140. The goal is to clear 99 candies within 45 moves, with a minimum 6.6 candies per movement. Luckily, there are several cheats that will help you beat level 140 without much difficulty.

To beat level 140, the first tip is to move candies in the right manner. You should aim to make combos with the wrappers, stripes, and colored bombs to clear more candies in a shorter time. This will help you make bigger moves while also triggering cascades, which will earn you more points.

After you have cleared all the candies from the board, you can now focus on the candies you need to collect in order to move on to the next order. You’ll want to make sure you’re collecting all the red, orange, and yellow candies. Doing so will help you keep your average high, which is 6.6. After that, switch your attention to the remaining orders.

Next, you need to find the matching candy at the bottom of your screen. This will allow you to make more combinations, but you need to be able to make four or five in a row to clear the level. Once you have completed the previous level, you can move on. Although it won’t be easy to do, it is possible.

Level 140 can also be achieved by using color bombs. A colour bomb is awarded to anyone who matches five candies of the same color. These candies will allow you to make more combinations, which is key to clearing level 140. And you’ll also need to use a lot of candies to complete this level.

As you’re likely to notice, level 140 isn’t as thrilling as level 90. It’s not the most difficult level because there are no blockers and double jelly. This is because you’re playing in Candy Land, which means that you’ll have an open board. You can still make combinations and increase your points by filling the board with certain candies.

Another trick is to use colour bombs to help you maximise your candy collection. They work as a powerful combo, allowing you to clear an entire nine by nine square of candies in one move. In addition to this, they can also help you to get a few extra lives, if you need it.

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