How do I cite internet sources in footnotes?

How do I cite internet sources in footnotes?

If you use the German way of quoting, you also give sources for the quotations in your text in the footnotes. This happens in a shortened form compared to the information in the bibliography. The footnote for an internet source should include the author and the date of publication.

Why in the Basic Law articles and not paragraphs?

The fact that the GG is only divided into articles shows the particularity and importance of these laws. Articles have a higher priority than paragraphs. Articles are ideals how people imagine society, which is why the BVG redefines the ideals.

Which right is not a basic right under the Basic Law?

The state objective provisions are no fundamental rights or rights equivalent to fundamental rights, indeed no subjective rights at all. They are objective value decisions of the constitution and form the guideline for the interpretation of the laws, but do not give the citizen their own subjective right. Examples are those in Art.

What does Article 2 of the Basic Law say?

Article 2. (1) Everyone has the right to the free development of his personality as long as he does not violate the rights of others and does not violate the constitutional order or the moral law.

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