How do I contact Amazon if I have problems?

How do I contact Amazon if I have problems?

If you would like to call Amazon customer service directly, dial 0800 3 Otherwise, follow these steps: Go to the Amazon customer center.

How can I register as a student with Amazon Prime?

To join Prime Student as a student: Go to Prime Student Registration. Fill out the registration form and submit it. Click on the confirmation link in the email to confirm your email address and complete the registration process.

How does Amazon know that I am a student?

Confirmation of Student Status If you have an annual membership, go to Manage Amazon Student Membership under My Account and reconfirm your student status. Submit the required documents to confirm your student status.

How does Amazon Prime work for students?

Frequently asked questions about “Prime Student” membership For 6 months, membership with Amazon Prime Student is free. Thereafter, Amazon, together with sponsor Durex, grants a 50% discount on the subscription costs for a maximum of 4 years. That means: Instead of 69 EUR per year, membership costs only 34 EUR.

What is a Qualified Order on Amazon?

Qualifying items that are shipped via are marked “Fulfilled by Amazon” on the product detail page. The offer is only valid for orders with a delivery address in Germany or Austria. The offer does not apply to articles without youth approval.

How can I save shipping costs on Amazon?

Save shipping costs with Amazon Prime If you convert your Amazon account into a so-called Prime membership, you can use Amazon Premium Shipping free of charge, among other things. Students can even use this premium service completely free of charge for one year.

What does free shipping mean?

The delivery “free point of use” means that your furniture is carried directly to the room you want: the bed in the bedroom, the dining table in the dining room, etc.

When is Amazon free shipping?

Delivery within Germany and AustriaItemStandard shipping with no minimum order valueBooks including audio books and calendar, Kindle (in one order only with books) Standard shipping from 29 EUR order valueAll items * Premium shipping for members ofAll items that can be shipped with Amazon Prime

How much does shipping cost on Amazon?

For orders under 29 euros, you pay shipping costs of 3 euros for standard shipping. The delivery time is one to two working days. Standard shipping is free of charge from 29 euros. Premium shipping costs six euros per order.

Why do I have to pay shipping costs at Amazon Prime?

You have ordered through Marketplace. Therefore, the shipping costs incurred for shipping by Amazon do not apply, but different shipping costs. The shipping costs for orders at Marketplace apply to each item, unless otherwise stated.

What does premium shipping cost for customers without Prime membership?

Preferred shipping applies to products marked with the Amazon Prime logo. As a Prime customer, both standard delivery and premium delivery are always free of charge (instead of 2.99 or 4.99 euros for orders below 29 euros if you are not a Prime customer).

What is free premium shipping on Amazon?

If you choose premium shipping at Amazon, the package should arrive the next day. This is always stated in the order for the shipping method. It just says: “Premium shipping (free delivery for Amazon Prime members, otherwise shipping fee 6 EUR.)

Like Amazon Prime annual subscription?

The Amazon Prime membership costs 69 euros as an annual subscription. This corresponds to a monthly fee of EUR 5.75. You can also book the Prime subscription for 7.99 euros per month (all information is current as of January 2020). The monthly subscription is more expensive in comparison, but it can be canceled on a monthly basis.

How long does premium shipping take on Amazon?

A shipment with Premium Shipping will usually reach you one working day after we have sent it.

Do you have premium shipping with Amazon Prime?

Some items require a longer delivery time than usual for Amazon Prime items due to greater distances. To get these items as soon as possible, you can choose Premium Long Distance Shipping – free for Prime members. You will receive the delivery on a guaranteed delivery date.

What does Amazon Prime Shipping mean?

Amazon Prime is the premium tariff for Amazon customers. The chargeable upgrade to the free account offers members not only faster shipping, but also access to the Prime Video library and other streaming content such as music, series, e-books and more.

Until when is Prime coming the next day?

Standard shipping: Your parcels are usually delivered after 1-2 working days. If you order in the morning, you can count on another working day until delivery. If you order in the evening, delivery takes two working days. Premium shipping: Your order will be delivered the next working day.

Until when will the mail come from Amazon?

As a rule, delivery between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. can be expected. In individual cases it can even be later.

Until when is Amazon coming?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict exactly when your package will be delivered via Amazon Logistics. The parcels are usually delivered between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. At the weekend, it can end earlier.

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