How do I do an outline for my bachelor thesis?

How do I do an outline for my bachelor thesis?

In general, the following applies to the structure of the bachelor thesis: The introduction should be around 10%, the main part should be around … The structure of the bachelor thesis consists of: cover sheet, table of contents, list of figures and tables, list of abbreviations, introduction, main part, final part, list of literature, further entries …

How can you make an outline?

Creating an outline in Word Open a new Word document and select “View” from the menu. Then click on the tab “Views” and select the item “Outline”. Now simply enter your chapter headings. You get to the next chapter with “Enter”.

How should a specialist thesis be structured?

As soon as the topic of your thesis has been determined, you can start with the structure. Its central components are the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. A bibliography, if necessary an appendix and the declaration of independence are also included.

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