How do I enter my phone number in my application?

How do I enter my phone number in my application?

In order to assign the numbers correctly, you should make them recognizable, for example with a “Tel .:” in front of the landline number and a “Mobil:” in front of the mobile phone number. You should include your telephone number under your address and your e-mail address on the cover letter. It is also advisable to include them in your résumé.

When do I have to select 49?

The country code for Germany is +49. Simply dial this in front of any telephone number with the area code of the country in order to call to Germany. The area code 0049 applies to landline and cell phone networks. You can use +49 from all GSM networks, which replaces the prefixes of the country codes.

What do I have to select to Germany?

Everyone knows that you have to dial 0049 for calls from abroad to Germany. But that doesn’t always apply. Because not all countries use 00 as the traffic elimination number (VAZ), which leads into the international area. This is reported by the telecommunications portal “”.

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