How do I enter the page number in Word?

How do I enter the page number in Word?

Click on the Insert tab in the MS Word navigation bar. In the third group from the right, under the item Header and footer, you will find the menu item Page number. Clicking on this will show the associated options. Select the second point End of page.

Does the table of contents have a page number?

Page numbers throughout the document are also important. However, the cover sheet and the table of contents have no page numbers. Therefore, these pages do not appear in the table of contents of your term paper.

What belongs in the appendix?

What goes in the attachment? All documents that are important for understanding your bachelor thesis but are not part of the body text are attached to the appendix. As a rule, these are mainly extensive documents, such as interview transcripts or questionnaires.

What must be included in the appendix to a balance sheet?

Definition: What is “Appendix”? Part of the annual financial statements for corporations (§ 264 I HGB) or the consolidated financial statements (§ 297 I HGB). The appendix contains explanations and additions to individual items in the balance sheet and the income statement (P&L).

What goes in the appendix of a term paper?

So only if you have additional material that you refer to in the text, you also need an appendix in your term paper. These can be, for example, interviews, corpus data, images, tables or questionnaires.

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