How do I fill out Form 3 BAfög?

How do I fill out Form 3 BAfög?

Form 3 must almost always be completed by both parents and signed and attached to your BAföG application along with proof of income from the penultimate calendar year. Unless you meet the requirements for parent-independent BAföG.

Who must fill out Form 3?

In form 3, your parents and / or your spouse / registered partner provide information about yourself, your children and, above all, your income – each person individually. Form 3 can therefore be filled out up to three times – by mother, father and spouse / registered partner.

Can I only apply for BAfög for one year?

However, the BAföG approval period can also be shorter. Since the BAföG approval period is a maximum of one year, you should submit a BAföG follow-up application no later than two months before the end of the current BAföG approval period.

When do first semester students apply for BAfög?

Started September 2020, even if the lectures can only start later. If the UAS new students submit their BAföG application this month, they can in principle also receive funding for September 2020 after reviewing their application.

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