How Do I Find An Inmate In Contra Costa County

How Do I Find an Inmate in Contra Costa County Jail?

Contra Costa county booking records can be used to find the details of an arrest. These documents are typically filled out by the Contra Costa County jail officers. These documents may include details about the inmate’s arrest and mugshot as well as the bail amount. They may also contain details about the crime he or she was charged with. These records are public and can be accessed without permission.

You can search for an inmate’s name using the Contra Costa County Jail’s online inmate locator. The online database will provide information such as the name, booking date and case number, as well as the state of charge. Contra Costa County Jail is home to 1500 inmates and is well-known for its direct supervision. Each housing unit houses 64 inmates.

Contra Costa County Jail accepts cash for phone cards and commissary. If you want to send money to an inmate, you can do so using the Securus online service. To receive money from relatives or friends, the inmate’s name must be entered as well as their phone number.

You can also use the Martinez Detention inmate locator to find out information about an inmate’s arrest and charge. It will show you the court date, charge and bond as well as the sex and booking dates. Once you have this information, you can check if an inmate is in jail or has been released.

Jorge Garcia-Escamilla was one of the most notable escapes this month. He was arrested during a traffic stop and booked into Marsh Creek Detention Facility, where he was also charged with vehicle theft and escape. His other charges included drug possession and burglary tools.

Contra Costa county inmate records also contain information on those who have been released from jail and those on probation. Probationary inmates are required to report to a probation officer at least once per week and follow other rules. Their records may also contain mugshots, fingerprints, and other physical details.

Inmate search databases are also available through the Contra Costa County Jail’s website. These databases provide detailed information about an inmate’s arrest, charges, and release date. This information can take some time.

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