How do I find good sources?

How do I find good sources?

So, let’s summarize again briefly: Good sources include specialist books, monographs, scientific publications in journals, articles or conference proceedings and research reports, so it’s very simple: everything you can find in the Unibib.

What are reliable sources?

When writing a scientific paper, you have to rely on reliable sources. There are also a number of other possible sources: magazines, e-journals, databases, documents of all kinds, etc. Many people first look for information on the Internet.

How do I find out whether a page is legitimate?

Only objective reports should be found on a reputable website. If it concerns personal opinions or subjective information, this could be an indication of a dubious internet source.

How do you know if a page is serious?

How do you recognize dubious websites? Here you can find out possible warning signs that may indicate a rip-off site. Incomplete / no legal notice. No possibility of contact. Freemail addresses. Foreign company headquarters / domain registration abroad. Assignment of the right of withdrawal. Numerous text errors.

How secure is this site?

However, the additional “S” in “https” (and the lock symbol) indicates that a website is secure. If your check shows that a website or a link is not secured via https, be careful and do not enter any personal information.

Are all https sites secure?

In summary, the certificate and the green lock only mean that the data transmitted between you and the site is encrypted and the certificate was issued by a trustworthy certification authority. However, it does not mean that an HTTPS site is completely secure.

When is a website unsafe?

From July 2018, however, things will get serious: All websites (whether private, business, small WordPress blog or large online shop) that do not use an SSL certificate for more secure data encryption and can therefore be used via https are displayed in the browser with ” not sure ”.

What does side not sure mean?

“Not secure” rather means that the site operator is still using http instead of https. Without https encryption, data transmitted over the Internet can in principle be read as plain text by anyone.

Why is my site not secure?

My website is not shown as secure despite SSL / HTTPS? The cause is mixed content on your website. This means you have protected your site with an SSL certificate, but have included content from sources that are not secured via https. This can be, for example, images, frameworks or CSS files.

Why is my homepage displayed as unsafe?

If a domain is displayed as insecure in the browser despite an active certificate, this is mostly due to the fact that individual elements of the page (e.g. stylesheets, images) are loaded from unencrypted sources (“mixed content”).

What to do if the website is not secure

How Google deals with HTTP websites and how to remove the “Not Safe” message on the website Step 1: Check which protocol you are using. Step 2: Talk to your IT or web team or service provider. Step 3 : Check your plug-ins and service providers.

What does no secure connection mean?

All entries on the website are encrypted for security reasons. With some websites you can then click on “Advanced”> “Continue anyway” and visit the website anyway. However, the connection to this website can also be completely blocked.

What does the connection denied mean?

block its IP address and therefore reject the connection. As with the browser, another possible source of error is the caching function of the proxy server – as soon as the cache contains outdated data, connection errors cannot be ruled out. Of course, it is also possible that the proxy is offline or

What does not sure mean in the search bar?

In this case, “not secure” means that the website operator is still using http instead of HTTPS. The “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure” (HTTPS) enables encrypted communication and verification of the sender.

What is a secure website?

2 means: Secure websites must guarantee secure data transmission from input to recipient. Website operators who pay attention to the security of their services and offers should equip their website with an SSL certificate.

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