How do I find my motivation again?

How do I find my motivation again?

5 tricks to get motivated in record time1) Set goals! Goals are not only important in learning, but in all areas of your life. 2) Create habits! 3) Recognize the meaning! 4) Think positive! 5) Set yourself a deadline!

How do I motivate myself to write?

Set fixed writing times. For example, you work on your novel for an hour three times a week. If you really feel like writing over time, you can extend these writing times to four days or set yourself a time window of over an hour.

How can I motivate my child to write?

How do I motivate my child to write? Create a variety of writing opportunities. Pay attention to writing occasions in everyday life and encourage your child to implement them. Offer varied, playful exercises. Avoid overload. To be a role model. Choose child-friendly and ergonomic pens. praise a lot.

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