How do I find the right literature for my term paper?

How do I find the right literature for my term paper?

The library of your university as a starting point for literature research Don’t get lost in details if you still have to search for your topic! Pay attention to the correct search terms. You can display similar results directly. More entries …

How do you find scientific sources?

Just as there are different sources for answering your own research question, these can be found in different places: (University) library, the university library portal, databases of individual universities and departments, the Internet (especially Google Scholar) texts from Seminars.

How do you work with Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is special software for searching scientific literature. This is intended to make it easier for academics to access various sources. For example, a request for a specific topic searches works, quotes and summaries.

How can I research?

11 Tips for Researching the Internet Search with advanced search functions. Search with several terms AND, OR. Exclude search terms with a minus – Search for phrases or proper names with quotation marks “”. Search within a specific area. Quality check – these details will help you.

What is a research?

The term research (French recherche, ‘(Nach-) research’, ‘search’, ‘investigation’), also investigation (Latin investigatio, ‘Aufspürung’, ‘Erforschung’) or research (English research ← from French recherche, see above ), describes the targeted, not casual search for information.

How do I do an internet research?

This is how it works: 5 tips for successful Internet research With a simple search query, never enter whole questions with question words, but choose concise search terms, as Google searches all words individually. Use multiple sources. Better to double check. Use bookmarks. Use social media properly.

What research options are there?

Research: 9 tips for better research results Find secondary literature. Library research. Library research from home. Interlibrary loan. Internet research in science. Check sources, journalistic research. Internet research in journalism.

What is internet research?

Research on the Internet, along with research in libraries and libraries, is one of the basic methods of obtaining information. With the specific task of researching the possibilities of youth participation on site, the students train their computer skills.

What is research in the newspaper?

Research. The essays, lectures, reviews and reports in research are characterized by the fact that they are relevant beyond the boundaries of the respective subject and that they clearly show the relationship between science and social reality. …

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