How do I finish my application?

How do I finish my application?

Final sentence application: Incorporate call-to-action I look forward to getting to know you personally. I look forward to telling you more about myself and my experiences in a personal interview. I can already promise you the position on TT. MM. YYYY to compete.

How do I end a letter of motivation?

Final part. To round off the letter of motivation, you can feel free to mention again at the end that you would be very happy about the invitation to a personal interview. At this point you can, for example, express your interest in getting to know the company better.

How to write notice period in application?

Examples of a successful formulation: Since I am currently in an employment relationship that has not been terminated, I am happy to be at your disposal, but at the earliest from the XX. Due to a notice period of XX weeks, I could take up the position from the XX. I will probably finish my apprenticeship / my studies on the XXth other entries …

How do you write an application for temporary help?

In principle, the same rules apply to an application as a temporary worker as to a so-called short application. The short application consists of: cover letter (no longer than one page) curriculum vitae (preferably only one page)

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