How do I formulate a conclusion?

How do I formulate a conclusion?

One can understand the conclusion as a direct answer to the introduction. It is a summary of the answers to the questions raised in the introduction. Therefore summarize your results in relation to the research question and interpret them.

What is an outlook?

The outlook An outlook can focus on the relevance of one’s own research, or rather its results, which means that one or the other point can be obtained with it.

What comes in the outlook for a master’s thesis?

The summary of the thesis should be short and concise. The outlook of your scientific work conveys the general idea of ​​the work, what has been done and for what purpose.

What comes in the outlook for the bachelor thesis?

On the one hand, you should refer to your research question in the conclusion that you formulated at the beginning and worked out in the main part. On the other hand, the conclusion gives an outlook on possible future research possibilities.

What should be included in the prospect of a master’s thesis?

The conclusion of the writing of the master’s thesis and the introduction of the master’s thesis together form the framework for the main part of the master’s thesis. In the outlook you can add further aspects and questions that arise from the intensive study of the topic of your master’s thesis.

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