How do I get a board pass?

How do I get a board pass?

If you want to apply for a board ID card, you must bring the following documents with you: ID card.Salary slip.Retirement notice.Proof of basic security.ALG I proof.ALG II proof.Other proof.

Can I hand in groceries at the Tafel?

How to donate food to the Tafel If you would like to donate several pallets or to many Tafel in Germany, please contact Tafel Deutschland. The office staff will distribute your donation to the regions where it is most needed.

Who can get what from the blackboard?

All needy people are entitled to shop in the Tafel. Those in need of help are those who receive benefits according to: SGB II (basic security for job seekers, Hartz IV) SGB XII (social assistance)

How can you help at the chalkboard?

The Tafel collect surplus food and distribute it to those in need. But they do even more: As meeting places, they create a framework for social participation.

What do I have to pay at the Tafel?

They pay a symbolic fee for this. That’s around 10-15% of the actual retail price. On the one hand, we use it to finance our costs (full-time shop employees, costs for petrol, telephone, etc.).

What can you bring to the board?

In addition to food and goods donations, the Tafel need money to cover running costs such as rent, vehicles, repairs and administrative infrastructure. Like their umbrella organization, they are basically financed by private and private-sector donations.

What food to donate to Tafel?

What food can be donated? Whether frozen products, preserves, fresh fruit or vegetables: food donations can include all conceivable product groups. Groceries close to the best-before date or bread from the day before can also be handed in.

Where can you donate clothes for the homeless?

How you can donate your clothes sensiblyBring them to the clothing stores yourself. Donate directly to another social institution. Hand in to social department stores. Sell ​​in the nearest Oxfam store. If clothes containers, then FairWertung!

Where do the Tafel get their food from?

Stefanie Bresgott: The Tafel are financed exclusively by money and food donations. The food donations come from supermarkets, discounters and large bakeries and are passed on to the needy for a small fee.

How’s the table going?

The door to the board opens, helpers let one in after the other. Right at the entrance, behind a pressboard counter, a volunteer is sitting and handing out numbered tokens – they determine the order in which those waiting can go to the food counter.

Is the chalkboard free?

Almost 1.5 million people in Germany are dependent on food donations. The poor, old, men, women and children regularly pick up food from the table to fill up. The needy can get groceries there for free – or for a few euros.

Can you just go to the blackboard?

These can be Hartz 4 recipients, pensioners or low earners or top-ups. Statistics show that more and more retired people are dependent on offers like those of the Tafel. Important: In principle, anyone who can prove that they have little financial means can go to the Tafel.

How often can you go to the blackboard?

4 answers. you have to ask your responsible board. It depends on how many needy people there are in your region and how many donations can be raised. you can only go to some food banks every 14 days because they simply don’t have enough, and to others you can go every week.

How do I get a ticket for the board?

You get this certificate if you are supported by public funds. That means you get Hartz IV, for example, or you get additional benefits to top up because your salary is too low.

How many pensioners go to the Tafel?

Currently, 1.65 million people regularly come to the Tafel. The increase of 20 percent is particularly dramatic for seniors who receive a pension or basic security in old age. Low pensions are the second most common reason to go to a food bank after long-term unemployment.

When are you allowed to go to the table?

Those who are in need and have little money at their disposal are allowed to go to the table. These can be pensioners, job seekers, large families or asylum seekers.

Can you go to the Tafel as a pensioner?

The same applies to pensioners or low earners. The income limit for individuals is EUR 950.00. Each additional adult in the community of need/family may have an additional income of EUR 350.00. For children under 16 years 250.00 euros are accepted, over 16 years 300.00 euros.

Can I go to the blackboard as a student?

Students can get groceries in many food banks in Germany upon presentation of their student ID or other proof such as BAföG certificates. This is due to the fact that many students are below the income limits of the Tafel.

What can you do with the student ID?

A student ID card is worth real money, after all, as a student you get numerous perks. With the student ID, for example, admission prices to the theatre, museum or zoo are reduced. Many service providers such as banks or insurance companies also have special student rates.

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