How Do I Get A Debt Recovery Agent Certificate

How Do I Get a Debt Recovery Agent Certificate?

The responsibility of collecting debts from borrowers falls to debt recovery agents. They must adhere to certain rules and regulations. They usually work for a bank or collection agency. A debt recovery agent certificate can be obtained by completing a training course at an accredited institute.

The first step is to take a debt recovery agent examination offered by the IIBF. There are several resources that can help you prepare for this exam, including books, guides, and practice tests. There are also various training programs available for debt recovery agents. For more information, visit the IIBF website.

Both the IIBF and Indian Banks’ Association have issued guidelines for certification of debt recovery agents. Navsoft Training and Development Services Pvt Ltd is an IIBF-accredited institution that provides specialized training for debt recovery agents. The training teaches basic processes and procedures of debt recovery, and develops the soft skills necessary for a successful collection process.

A debt recovery agent certificate will increase the value of your skills and show employers that you are qualified for the job. But certifications do not replace real-world experience or education. Some companies require debt collection agents who are certified to apply for higher positions.

It is important to choose the right type of agency if you are looking to hire a debt collection agent. Some agencies specialize in certain types of debt while others handle all types. Some are only interested in debt that is a few years old or more. Also, you should check the state’s statutes of limitations for debt collection. These laws vary from one state to another. A debt collection agency can start contacting you as early as two months past the debt’s statute of limitations.

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