How do I get a scholarship for a student exchange?

How do I get a scholarship for a student exchange?

A grant from companies Various companies in Germany offer an employee child grant for student exchange. Young people can apply for such a scholarship if at least one parent works for the respective company.

Is a scholarship counted towards the BAfög?

Scholarships (and BAföG) (2 para. 6 no. Scholarship holders of the gifted support organizations are excluded from BAföG. Those who receive another scholarship can in principle receive BAföG, but under certain circumstances the scholarship is offset as income against the BAföG requirement.

What is book money?

Book money is the income-independent base of funding that all scholarship holders of the German National Academic Foundation and the eleven other gifted support organizations receive monthly from funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

When are you entitled to BAfög?

BAföG is usually given to German students and interns and, under certain conditions, also to schoolchildren and foreign students. At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree you must not be older than 29 years, at the beginning of the master’s degree you must not be older than 34 years.

How much do BAfög work?

Earning too much money can negatively affect your BAföG funding. But that is not the norm. You just have to make sure that with BAföG you don’t exaggerate your earnings. However, you have an allowance of € 5,400 per year for your BAföG additional income.

Does a 400 euro job count towards BAfög?

451.82 euros per month free of charge. This means that trainees can pursue a EUR 450 mini-job without having to make monthly deductions from the BAföG funding. In the case of higher income, only the portion of the income exceeding the tax exemption will be taken into account.

How much can I earn in addition to the master BAfög?

Is it allowed to earn something on top of the Master BAföG? Yes, because there is an income tax allowance of 290 euros for single people. According to the BMBF, a mini-job with earnings of 450 euros is free of charge if you take into account the flat-rate for income-related expenses and a flat-rate social allowance.

What income limit for BAfög?

On top of the exemptions, the Bafög office also suggests costs for social security contributions and the flat-rate allowance for income-related expenses. The basic allowance for own income of 290 euros per month increases to a flat rate of 450 euros. This applies to the entire approval period (usually twelve months).

Is the partner’s income counted towards the BAfög?

There is no adult student loan. You mean student Bafög and no, a friend / partner does not have to be specified. Your income does not play a role in the calculation as long as you are not married.

Who gets foreign bafög?

Who can apply for BAföG abroad? Those who do not receive BAföG because their parents’ income is too high in Germany can still apply for funding for the stay abroad. The funding amounts are higher for other countries, so that support may be possible there.

What do you need for BAfög?

Typically you need the following BAföG documents for your follow-up application: current certificate of enrollment, current bank statement, employment contract or last pay slip (if you have a part-time job) tax assessment from your parents from the penultimate calendar year.

Which forms do I need for BAfög?

Which BAföG forms do I need for my first BAföG application? BAföG form 1.BAföG form 2 (only for pupils) Annex 1 to form 1 (= curriculum vitae) BAföG form 3 (parents’ income statement) BAföG form 6 (if the school , University or internship is abroad)

Which application do I need for parent-independent BAfög?

You must fill out Form 2, just like Form 1, both for the first application and for the subsequent BAföG application and send it to the BAföG office. Always means BAföG for students, BAföG for pupils, BAföG independent of parents and BAföG abroad.

What do I need for a BAfög follow-up application?

When should you submit a BAföG follow-up application at the latest? The complete new application should be submitted no later than two months before the end of the approval period of the last application (see table). Even if the office does not manage to process the application during this time, you will continue to receive BAföG.

What does the BAfög follow-up application include?

If you submit the BAföG follow-up application, you will initially have the same entitlement to BAföG as in the previous year. However, you must also provide information about your assets, the income of your parents, etc. in the subsequent application (just as in the first application).

What do you need for the extension for BAfög?

Applying for a BAföG extension You can apply for a BAföG extension at your responsible office for educational grants. An informal declaration in which you list and prove at least one of the reasons mentioned above is sufficient.

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