How do I get more channels via satellite?

How do I get more channels via satellite?

More HD channels to unlock. If you want to watch programs that are broadcast encrypted by Astra or Eutelsat, such as the large private companies ProSieben, Sat. 1, Vox or Pay TV, you have to look for a provider who can activate the desired channels for a fee.

When is SAT TV switched off?

The private channels such as RTL, Sat. 1 and Pro7 still have to broadcast in SD via satellite until 2022. After that, the signal will probably also be switched off there. In order to continue to watch all channels via satellite, you have to switch to DVB-S2 by mid-2020 at the latest.

How much longer will satellite TV be free?

This is new: satellite broadcasting will continue to be uncoded and free of charge until 2023. The contract extension between SES Astra and the RTL group is new: viewers can receive the private TV channels of the RTL group free of charge via satellite (Astra 19.2 East) until at least 2023.

What do you pay for satellite TV?

Apart from the broadcasting fees, there are currently no further costs for satellite TV. Even if, as planned, all channels switch to fee-based HD TV in the future, the price should be around EUR 70 per year and thus be significantly cheaper than cable TV.

Is satellite TV free?

“All public service programs from ARD and ZDF are broadcast free of charge in HD quality via satellite,” explains Hermann Dresen from the specialist magazine “InfoDigital”. The private programs can also be received free of charge – but only in SD quality.

Which TV channels are free to receive?

Free-to-air HD channels in HD. The shopping channel invites you to shop around the clock. 3sat HD. The full program under public law offers interesting research, documentaries and films in HD quality.allgä Anixe HD. ARD-alpha. Arte HD. Augsburg TV. Bible TV HD.

Which programs do you receive via Astra?

Aligning the satellite dish Most households in Germany align their dish to the satellites at Astra 19.2 degrees east – in addition to public broadcasters, they also broadcast many private channels, Sky and foreign programs.

Is television free?

Economic aspects. On the German-speaking television market, free-to-air television includes television programs from public broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, ORF, SRF) and some commercial television programs (including Sat.

How can you watch TV?

Television over the Internet: streaming services and IPTV In addition to cable or satellite, there is also the option of receiving television over the Internet. With the online services Zattoo,, Joyn or, some of the TV channels can be viewed free of charge on the Internet.

Is JOYN really free?

Joyn is an app. With Joyn you can watch over 60 TV channels live. There is also a media library with which you can stream series and shows, as well as originals and exclusives, i.e. series that you can only watch on Joyn. Oh yes, Joyn is free – and it stays that way.

How can I watch TV without a cable connection?

You can watch TV via DVB-T2 or satellite without any cable or internet connection. DVB-T2: To watch television using this technology, you need a compatible roof or indoor antenna, depending on where you live. You also need a DVB-T2 capable receiver to process the TV signal.

What happens if you don’t have a TV connection?

If you would like to watch TV without a TV connection, Internet TV is a good alternative … You can easily watch normal TV programs via a live stream. Waipu.TV can be downloaded as an app on your smartphone (Android or iOS), for example. Another online TV provider is Zattoo.

How do I find out if I have a cable connection?

To do this, call up the website of the relevant provider in your browser. Click through the information until you find the TV / TV tariff or tariffs. There you will find a button labeled “Check availability”.

What to do if there is no TV connection in the room?

The best option would be to put a SAT cable from the dish into your room. Works best. But if you don’t have a satellite dish but, for example, a cable connection then there is a splitter for it.

How can I watch TV without a satellite dish?

If you want normal television without a TV receiver or tuner, you can use the Sky X service. The service is available as an app for smart TVs, laptops or smartphones and tablets. However, a streaming box that is connected to the Internet is also available here.

How can you watch TV via WiFi?

Watching TV via WLAN: with the Smart TV Your TV can be easily connected to the WLAN: Go to the menu item “Network Settings” in the Smart TV menu and then to “Search for a connection”. You can watch TV over the Internet using the popular TV apps such as Zattoo, and TV Spielfilm live.

How can you watch TV without a receiver?

You cannot receive anything without a receiver. Receiver is the English word for receiver. You cannot receive anything without a receiver. Until about a few years ago, receivers for satellite reception were only available as external devices that could also be connected to the television.

Can you only watch TV with an indoor antenna?

In metropolitan areas, an indoor antenna is often sufficient for reception, but depending on the local situation, it should be at the window. Alternatively, a roof antenna can be used to watch in large parts of Germany. But be careful: some of the frequencies are different from those of the old analog television or DVB-T.

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