How do I get my exam anxiety under control?

How do I get my exam anxiety under control?

Exam anxiety can be kept in check through targeted breathing. It is best to breathe deeply and slowly through your nose into your stomach, pause your breath there briefly and then consciously exhale through your mouth with a pffffff.

How do you learn for university exams?

How can I best prepare for an exam? Visualize goals. Create a learning environment. Narrow down learning material. Create a learning plan. Structure the day of learning. Summarize content. Incorporate success controls. Looking for supporters. More entries …

How can you study for several exams?

10 tips on how to successfully prepare multiple exams at the same time Tip # 1: Get an overview! Tip # 2: Limit the fabric! Tip # 3: check your calendar! Tip # 4: plan optimistically, but stay realistic! Tip # 5: Define topic blocks. Tip # 6: set up a study plan.

What is the best way to prepare for the final exam?

Accordingly, the following 10 tips can help you to prepare optimally for an exam and then to be able to keep the necessary calm during the exam itself: Set learning goals. Self motivation. Variety in learning. Workplace design. Realistic work planning. Pay attention to your own performance. Take breaks.

What do you do instead of studying?

The “world” shows five alternative ways of getting your dream job. Study place exchange and replacement procedure. It is not too late to find a good place to study. Training instead of studying. After graduating from high school, you don’t have to study. Voluntary social year (FSJ) internship. International experience.

Does it make sense to do an apprenticeship before studying?

There are many advantages to pre-university training Most school leavers are between 15 and 19 years old. Here, too, previous training can help to get a qualified job instead of having to wait in the nearest café.

What can you do between high school and university?

Between high school and university: Use the time between high school and university wisely. Between high school and university – enjoy the great freedom and gain experience. Internship between high school and university. Do voluntary work between high school and university. Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) Voluntary ecological year. Voluntary Military Service (FWD)

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