How do I get my pain away How do I get my pain away?

How do I get rid of my pain?

Distraction helps shift attention. This noticeably eases the pain. Distractions of all kinds, including relaxation, meditations, heat or cold applications, but also self-confidence or an optimistic attitude can lead to pain relief.

Can you imagine pain?

Pain, by definition, is a subjective experience that includes various components – biological, psychological, social and cultural. Basically, an experimental pain measurement can be distinguished from a clinical pain measurement.

What can I do about psychological pain?

Exercise and relaxation can help ease the pain. Physiotherapy, pain relievers, hot water bottle: some people with back pain have already tried a few things. But they just can’t get rid of the complaints.

Is my pain psychosomatic?

Psychosomatic illnesses can affect almost all organs and cause very different symptoms. The most typical symptoms are: chronic pain in different parts of the body, for example headache, joint pain, muscle pain and abdominal pain. General symptoms such as exhaustion and tiredness.

What can you do about psychosomatic disorders?

Therefore, psychotherapy is the one to be considered for the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses. This works with a wide variety of methods. The focus is usually on the psychotherapeutic conversation, which serves to identify and reduce the stress on the patient.

How is a somatoform disorder expressed?

Somatoform disorder causes physical discomfort, although often no clear organic cause can be found. Many of those affected hear that they “have nothing”. You feel misunderstood and move from one doctor to the next.

Which drugs for somatoform disorders?

In the case of somatoform disorders, psychotropic drugs are usually only considered useful if symptoms of another mental illness occur at the same time – for example, depression or anxiety disorder. Above all, antidepressants can have a positive effect on the symptoms of the somatoform disorder.

Which somatic complaints can occur in the mentally ill?

In addition to pain in various parts of the body (e.g. back, stomach, head or joints), dizziness, digestive problems or heart and breathing problems can occur. Almost all people experience some vague physical symptoms at times in their everyday lives.

What are somatic diagnoses?

This type of mental health disorder (sometimes called psychosomatic or somatoform disorders) was diagnosed when people had physical symptoms that could not be explained by a physical illness.

What happens to the body when I am depressed?

In the case of depression, messenger substances in the brain are unbalanced. Nerve cells release these messenger substances in order to communicate with one another and to transmit stimuli. If the sophisticated metabolism of the messenger substances derails, there is a profound change in feeling, thinking and acting.

How do you get rid of depression?

There are several options available for this:

  1. Psychotherapy;
  2. Drugs for depression;
  3. Combination of psychotherapy and drugs;
  4. further procedures and treatment approaches such as light, waking, movement or occupational therapy as well as artistic therapies.

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