How do I get the signature on the resume?

How do I get the signature on the resume?

Open your resume as a Word file with Microsoft Word. Click where you want to add the signature. Then click in the menu bar on “Insert” -> “Insert image” Select the image file of your signature and confirm by clicking on “Insert”.

How can you scan your signature?

Handwritten Signature Scanning and InsertionWrite your signature on a piece of paper, scan the page and save it on your computer in a popular file format: BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG. On the Insert tab, click Pictures> Picture from File.

How do I release a signature?

Cut out the signature in Word Click with the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON on the signature. Select FORMAT GRAPHICS. The Format Graphics menu opens on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the right of the 4 symbols below the heading “Format graphics”, see yellow marking.

What can someone do with my signature?

Basically you can do a lot with your signature and personal data. Your signature could e.g. B. be forged on transfers or a forged passport could be created with it.

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