How do I give a source?

How do I give a source?

You give book sources in the bibliography according to the Harvard citation method: last name, first name (ed.) (year), title of the work, edition, place of publication. Example: Mustermann, Max (2020), source book, 1st edition, Berlin .

What is the source of an image?

The image source indicates who owns the image. It also makes it clear where you got the picture from. That’s why you have to cite image sources correctly. You can find images for your scientific work in various sources.

How to quote from a blog?

How to correctly quote from blogsThe name of the author, if necessary. the year in brackets, the title of the quoted blog article, the name of the weblog (supplemented by a note in square brackets that it is a weblog), the date of publication / posting date, the permalink, the retrieval date.

How to quote on Twitter?

When citing a tweet, write the author’s full name followed by their @username in parentheses. You can also tweet the tweet as a new post, followed by the date it was originally posted.

What is a RT on Twitter?

With the retweet feature in Twitter, you can share a tweet with all of your followers. You can retweet your own tweets or tweets from other users. Sometimes users type “RT” at the beginning of a tweet, indicating that they are forwarding another user’s content.

What does it mean to embed a tweet?

Click the icon within the tweet. Select Embed Tweet from the menu. If the tweet is a reply to another tweet, you can check the Hide Conversation option to hide the original tweet. …

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