How do I hire an employee?

How do I hire an employee?

If you want to hire an employee, you need the following documents from him: Electronic income tax deduction features, Tax identification number, Date of birth, Social security card, Health insurance certificate, Work or residence permit for foreign employees.

Can you hire new employees with short-time work?

If new employees are hired despite short-time work, they are generally not entitled to short-time work allowance, unless their employment contract was concluded before the introduction of short-time work. In that case, the newly hired employee would also be entitled to short-time work benefits.

Can you have employees as a sole proprietorship?

Sole proprietorship: Management and representation The sole proprietor is also the managing director in personal union, since he conducts the business under his name, for his own account and at his own risk. However, he can also have the business run by an employee.

Who is hiring staff?

The employee makes a certain work available to the employer from the time of hiring. In return, the employer undertakes to pay the wages. These are the main obligations that are regulated in an employment contract, along with other secondary obligations.

How do you find the right employer?

Search for your dream job on job portals. Here you will find companies that may offer a suitable position. Visit job-specific or regional job fairs. There you will get to know representatives of the various companies and you will be able to make initial contacts – such as Flughafen München GmbH.

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