How do I include footnotes?

How do I include footnotes?

Footnotes are separated from the text by a footnote line preceded by at least one blank line. Footnotes begin with the reference symbol used and have single line spacing. They are displayed in a smaller font size. The footnote should end with a period.

When do I have to make a footnote?

You have to put a footnote if you take over content from the literature literally or analogously in the running text. Even if you mention the name of an author, you have to put a footnote (example: Fritz Müller recently stated that + footnote!).

Where do the footnotes go?

Insert a footnote The footnote mark should appear immediately after or before the last punctuation mark (usually a period) with no spaces. Now go under “References” in the “Footnotes” group to “Insert footnote”. Then you enter the text that should be in the footnote.

How many footnotes in the master’s thesis?

Tip: Often students ask us how many footnotes and sources are required. Of course, we cannot give a general answer here. One footnote per page on average is definitely not enough, but five per page is enough. The following applies: You don’t have to attach a footnote to every sentence.

Where does the point go after a quote?

A widespread question is the following: Where do I put the point when quoting? It’s actually very simple: if you quote directly, literally, then the point is exactly where it is in the original quote. The rule is that it is then placed inside the quotation marks.

Where can I find the footnote in Word?

Insert footnotes and endnotes Click where you want to reference the footnote or endnote. On the References tab, in the Insert Footnote group, click Insert Footnote or Insert Endnote. Enter the desired footnote or endnote.

Where can I find footnote in Word 2010?

Click the References tab at the top. The “Insert footnote” icon is now available in the task bar. Click on it. Alternatively, you can add a footnote using the keyboard shortcut [Strg] + [Alt] + [F] insert into your document.

How do I format footnotes in Word?

Instructions: Formatting a footnote in Word Right-click a footnote. A context window opens. Select the item “Format template”. Click the “Change …” button to open an overview of the current formatting.

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