How do I include references in an application?

How do I include references in an application?

You name your reference provider at the end of your résumé under “References” with the same information as in a reference list. You give the reference persons with contact details at the respective station in the résumé.

What does a good letter of recommendation look like?

The letter of recommendation is usually printed on company paper and includes the author’s letterhead. The subject is usually “Letter of Recommendation”, and the name of the recommended person should also be mentioned at this point. In the first paragraph the author briefly introduces himself and his position.

What’s that reference?

Reference (from Latin referre “to relate to something, to report”) stands for: reference (linguistics), relation between linguistic and extra-linguistic units. References, documents proving technical and professional ability.

What does the reference number mean?

A reference number relates to something. It allows you to assign things or people. A typical example of a reference number is the shipment number of a parcel service, such as DHL. This number assigns a shipment to a recipient and a sender.

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