How do I include references?

How do I include references?

To do this, proceed as follows: Click behind the end of the sentence or the expression that is to be marked as a quote. On the REFERENCES tab, in the QUOTES AND REFERENCES group, click INSERT QUOTE. Click ADD NEW SOURCE to add the references.

How do I cite sources in Word?

On the References tab, click Insert Quote. In the Create Source dialog box, next to Source Type, select the type of source (for example, an Address Book section or a website) you want to use. Enter the details for the source and click OK.

How do I create a bibliography?

The following components and the following sequence must be observed in a bibliography: Author, Title (book title) Subtitle, Volume reference or edition (exception: 1st edition) Place of publication, Publisher, Year of publication.

How do you make a bibliography with internet sources?

Internet sources can change constantly. Therefore, you always have to include the URL and an access date at the end of your reference … The reference in the bibliography consists of: author of the internet source, date of publication, title, URL and date of access.

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