How do I know if my job reference is good?

How do I know if my job reference is good?

Is my job reference good? How to interpret the codesVery well: The top mark is expressed very effusively. Good: For the school grade 2, the superlative is somewhat weakened. Satisfactory: Still sounds good, but is only a 3: Typical wording has met our expectations completely or to our full satisfaction.More entries…•

What must be in a good job reference?

A complete, exemplary job reference consists of: heading and introduction.task description.performance assessment.assessment of social behavior.closing formula.thanks and regrets.wishes for the future.issue place, date and signature.

How do you write a very good job reference?

Employer’s reference – the correct structure Your employer’s letterhead. “Employment reference” heading Data about you as an employee: first and last name, date and place of birth and the duration of your employment with your correct position description. Brief company description (optional)

What does secure in the certificate mean?

So if the child is “very confident” in arithmetic, it has met or exceeded the teachers’ expectations. If, on the other hand, it is “safe” in arithmetic, this corresponds to a grade of 2, i.e. a good performance. In the case of “almost certain”, there is still room for improvement.

What does the social behavior in the certificate mean?

The social behavior deserves special recognition: always sticks to agreed rules. always behaves considerately and respects others in an exemplary manner. is helpful in an exemplary manner and in a special way. works well and responsibly with others.

What does satisfactory mean in school reports?

Satisfactory: The performance meets the requirements in general.

What does appropriate mean in school reports?

It becomes more difficult when expressing a 4: the keywords for this are “appropriate” or “meets the requirements”, which on their own represent a clear 5. In the creation of the job reference, these words become a 4 if we precede a temporal adverb: “always meets the requirements.”

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