How do I know if my TÜV has expired?

How do I know if my TÜV has expired?

The numbers on the edge of the plaque symbolize the months of the year. It was determined that the upper digit describes the month in which the MOT expires. So if you imagine the sticker like a clock, the number at 12 o’clock marks the month in which you have to carry out a new HU at the latest.

How long can I be overdue with the trailer at the TÜV?

If the TÜV examination has expired, the legislator will penalize the overtaking of the HU as follows: For cars, motorcycles, light trailers (vehicles not subject to a safety test): More than two months: 15 euros. More than four months and up to eight months: 25 euros.

How long can you drive with an expired MOT?

How long can you overstay the “TÜV”? In principle, the HU must not be exceeded. It must be carried out within the month stated on the HU sticker. Otherwise there is a warning fine if the period for the main inspection was exceeded by more than two months.

How long can you overstay TÜV 2020?

If motorists exceed the deadline for the main inspection by 2 to 4 months, they can expect a fine of 15 euros. A penalty of 25 euros is due for a delay of 4 to 8 months.

How long can you overtake TÜV insurance?

If you exceed the deadline for the main inspection – for example at TÜV or DEKRA – by at least two months, you must expect a penalty….TÜV expired: What penalties are threatened?TÜV expiredPenaltymore than 4 to 8 months25 euros finemore than 8 months60 euros fine and 1 point in Flensburg1 more row

What happens when the TÜV has expired 1 year?

If the HU has expired for up to two months, the fine is 15 euros. For a period of two to four months, this increases to 25 euros. In the case of an overdraft of four to eight months, the fine increases to 60 euros. If the TÜV has expired for more than eight months, the fine is 75 euros.

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