How do I label pictures?

How do I label pictures?

Paste the figure or table into your Word document. By right-clicking on the activated element you can then choose, among other things: “Insert label …” Now enter a concise, comprehensible description there, as you do with headings – example: “Sales development 20”.

How do you label pictures in term papers?

The description of the figure and the reference are usually left-justified and in a smaller font size than the text of your work. This means that if you write your work in font size 12, for example, the caption can be in font size 10.

What types of samples are there?

2 types of samples 2.1 quota sample. 2.2 Random sample. 2.3 Multi-stage selection process. 2.4 Lump selection. 2.5 Conscious selection process.

What methods are there for the bachelor thesis?

If you are still at the very beginning, you can choose between these methods for your bachelor thesis: survey, expert interview, observation, literature work, qualitative or quantitative content analysis, group discussion, experiment, case study.

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