How do I list a video as a source?

How do I list a video as a source?

What information do I have to provide when citing videos? Full title of the video. Name or username of the creator (not that of the operator of the channel; this is irrelevant) Full title of the source page and a full URL. If available, the date of the video creation. Others Entries… •

How do I list a YouTube video as a source?

When citing YouTube you have to give the complete source information … The source information in the bibliography consists of: Creator.Date / year of publication.Title [YouTube]Url.

How do I quote with citavi?

Highlight the quote you want. Click Insert or Insert With Options. Depending on the selected citation style, the reference to the citation appears directly in the text (see picture) or Citavi inserts a footnote after the citation and enters the reference there.

How do I work with citavi?

Select a project that you will link to the Word document. Choosing a citation style In Word, on the Citavi tab, click on the drop-down menu next to Citation style. Click Add Citation Style. Use the name or properties to choose the style you want.

How do I quote in Word?

Inserting citations into a document Click the end of the sentence or phrase you want to cite, and then on the References tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click Insert Citation. In the list of quotes under Insert quote, select the quote you want.

How do you insert a quote?

You take direct quotations directly from the original source that you want to quote. The quotation is always in quotation marks and depending on which citation you use, the source is given in brackets or in a footnote at the bottom of the text.

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