How do I make a bibliography?

How do I make a bibliography?

List of sources: LiteratureSurname, first name.Publishership (abbreviate with ed.)Title, subtitle.Place of publication.Name of the publisher.Year of publication (additional az if there are several entries in the same year; if not yet published: in publication)Book series, series number (in brackets with = at the beginning)

How do I indicate internet sources in the bibliography?

In the bibliography you give the full source of your internet source… Internet sources in the bibliography Author of the online article or author of the website, date, title, URL and access date.

How do I properly cite image sources?

When using images under the CC license, the following information is required: Attribution of the author, such as “Max Mustermann” Link to the source of the image. Name of the CC license and link to the corresponding license stamp. Processing instructions.Title of the work “”

Where do I indicate the sources of illustrations?

In addition to the information directly below the figure in the text, there are figures with a complete reference to the source in the bibliography. It is important that you cite the source of any information obtained from other authors.

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