How do I make a hanging indent?

How do I make a hanging indent?

Create a hanging indent Highlight the text you want to add a hanging indent to; go to Home> Paragraph Home dialog box. # a1 Indents and Spacing. Under Special, select Hanging. You can adjust the depth of the indentation using the By field, select OK.

What is a hanging paragraph?

In typography, a hanging paragraph is a paragraph in which all lines except the first have an indentation on the left.

What is a left indent?

An indent shortens the line length of the selected paragraph. This is then indented from the left or right edge of the page and thus set off from the rest of the text. According to DIN 5008, parts of the text can be highlighted by an indentation, this is implemented by a left indentation of 2.5 cm.

How do I indent just one line?

First click in the paragraph where you want to indent the first line. Then click under the menu item Layout in the section Paragraph on the small arrow in the lower right corner. The Paragraph window opens. There you can select first line under indentation for special indentation.

How do you indent a text?

Indenting text in Word – how to proceed To indent a text in Word, you first have to select it. Then you can use the Tab key (above the Caps Lock key to permanently capitalize letters) to indent the selected text.

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