How do I make my application interesting?

How do I make my application interesting?

7 tips for an original applicationStart with a strong first sentence. Communicate your weaknesses too. End your cover letter with a cliffhanger. Design your résumé as a timeline. take on the corporate design. Show me what you’ve got. Use an unusual medium.

What should you know about me?

That speaks for me. What is important to me. My motivation for the position … What belongs in a qualification profile? Sender (name, address, telephone, e-mail) Place, date.Title.Introduction.Main part (soft skills, experience, qualifications, motivation) Final formulations.Handwritten signature.

What do you write about me in your résumé?

The mandatory details of personal data include first and last name, address, telephone number and email address. Further voluntary information is date of birth, place of birth, citizenship and application photo. Information about your religion, marital status, your parents and siblings is considered out of date.

Are children listed on the résumé?

From a purely legal point of view, the situation is clear: Parents do not have to state children on their résumé, explains Michael Eckert, specialist lawyer for labor law and member of the board of the German Lawyers’ Association. Job seekers are also not obliged to express themselves in the interview without being asked.

What marital status on the résumé?

The marital status in the résumé is no longer mandatory. Behind this stands the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), which aims to give all applicants the same opportunities and to prevent discrimination.

Are adult children mentioned on the résumé?

Single or divorced, a child or none: Such information on marital status in the résumé is not a must for applications. Tip: only provide information if it is advantageous for applicants. This can be an advantage for a woman, for example, who already has grown-up children.

How do you write married on your résumé?

The correct place for the indication of the marital status is the curriculum vitae. The marital status can be listed right at the beginning under the details of address, telephone numbers, date of birth, and place of birth. In the cover letter, however, the marital status has no place.

What kind of family status are there?

In terms of marital status, a distinction is made between: single, married, widowed, divorced, registered civil partnership, registered civil partner deceased, registered civil partnership canceled.

When is one considered single?

single means “never married”, divorced means “at least one marriage behind me”.

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