How do I make quotation marks?

How do I make quotation marks?

Now to insert single quotes, press the keys at the same time [Shift] + [#]. Word automatically knows whether a quotation mark is required above or below.

How do I make guillemets?

Windows: Insert guillemets using a keyboard shortcut Press [Alt] + [0171] to create the open parenthesis («). Press [Alt] + [0187] to create the closed bracket (»).

How do I write the AT character on the keyboard?

Usually only a fixed part of an e-mail address, the “@” is also suitable for addressing someone directly in a chat or an e-mail with several addressees. With the key combination “Alt Gr” + “Q” the character is set quickly.

What is verbatim speech example?

Here you write the accompanying sentence, i.e. something like Max calls, Ina says, Lisa asks and then the colon, quotation marks below and the spoken word. You write the punctuation mark that belongs to the spoken word in the quotation marks. Look at the example.

How does the verbatim speech go?

Verbatim speech begins after a colon and is enclosed in quotation marks. Possible question and exclamation marks within the verbatim speech remain, followed by a comma after the closing quotation marks and a period at the end of the accompanying sentence.

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