How do I mark a quote in the text?

How do I mark a quote in the text?

If you want to quote an entire text passage including a direct quote, this is a quote in the quote and is marked with single quotation marks. A uniform citation style is important (Müller, 2020, p. 20).

How do I write a quote?

“Verbatim quotations are the direct reproduction of statements made by others. They must always be put in quotation marks. If you quote literally, a copy of the original text is given. No changes may be made, so any spelling errors must also be copied.

What does a quote look like?

It is indicated by quotation marks, a quotation within a verbatim quotation is indicated by half quotation marks (‘text’). Verbatim quotations should be used if not only the content of the statement but also its wording is important.

What is a German lesson quote?

A quotation is the word for word and punctuation mark for punctuation mark true to the original reproduction of the text of another author in a “scope required by the purpose” (UrhG 3 § 51).

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