How do I open a letter without you noticing?

How do I open a letter without you noticing?

Break open the envelope. Use a blunt, gentle tool like a tongue depressor or butter knife, or, carefully, a pocket knife. The tab won’t open on its own, but if you’re lucky it will get loose enough that you can open it without tearing.

What does a compact letter look like?

Size of a compact letter The stipulation of the Post is a clear rectangular shape with the longest side at least 1.4x as large as the shortest side. Width: maximum 12.5 cm whereby the values ​​of the length (see above) must be observed.

What does everything belong in the address?

If you are sending your letter to a private person, enter your first and last name in the first line. The street and house number belong in the second line. Finally, in the third line of the address, the postcode and the associated place come.

How do you address to hand?

Rule of thumb: The direct contact person and recipient are only mentioned under the company name. The correct order according to DIN 5008 is always: Company name (with company form), e.g. Addressee, street and house number (or P.O. Box), postcode and city.

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